Welcome to Tanimoto Dharma Designs.

Tanimoto Dharma Designs is our humble collection of handmade artwork that is inspirational, contemplative and in some cases very kawaii, which means cute in Japanese. These original designs are created and fabricated here at our studio in Hilo, on the island of Hawaii. Each of these little treasures, influenced by Buddhist teachings, are positive universal messages that are meant to inspire, motivate, and enlighten. It is our hope that they will bring joy and appreciation into your hearts. 

Here in Hawaii, with its diverse cultures and changing environments, we have learned to live in harmony. We have a strong sense of community, an appreciation for family, and a deep respect for nature. Once aware of how fortunate we are, it is only natural to want to share what we have learned and experienced. Our dharma designs are our way of spreading these teachings, insights, and words of wisdom. They are reminders to simplify our lives, and to take time each day for a moment of self reflection and gratitude.

Life is Wabi-Sabi
Simply said, “Life’s not Perfect,” and we need to appreciate these imperfections. Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese view of life that finds beauty in things that are simple and humble, ordinary and unrefined, incomplete and impermanent. Embrace this concept and find joy in life’s imperfections.

Attention! New cats have been added! Our "Life is Wabi-Sabi" t-shirts are here! We have also temporarily removed the handling and packaging fees! 

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