Nude Workout 3 DVD  

Nude Workout 3 DVD

SKU: GH033

Goddess Heather tells the absolutely stunning Devon Michaels, "Letís do a full body workout today." These two beautifully buff athletesí put their muscular well toned bodies through their paces on the universal gym, pumping iron, posing and flexing. Speaking of pumped not only do these modern amazons get pumped up they get oiled up to accentuate every inch of their beautiful bodies. When the glistening Goddess Heather decides to go down on the floor to workout her abdominal muscles Devon decides itís a good time to go down on Goddess Heather. Although the girls are supposed to be working out their bodies soon they are eating out each otherís pussies. If you like watching truly beautiful buff women working out and eating out in the gym you will definitely love Nude Workout 3.

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