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Welcome and thank you  for your interest in the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.We are located at 1129 Corolla Village Road in Old Corolla Village, Corolla, NC. We operate an interactive Wild Horse Museum that is open year round and conduct children’s activities in the summer months. In addition to the educational displays and information regarding the wild horses, a museum retail shop offers a wide variety of wild horse clothing, books, jewelry, and toys. The Corolla Wild Horse Fund is the lead advisor to Currituck County in regard to the horses and is charged with their management and safety of the herd. Four full time staff, including a Herd Manager, monitor the health and size of the herd, respond to emergencies, manage an adoption program, and educate the public regarding all aspects of the wild horses, with the help of many passionate and dedicated volunteers. The mission of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund is to preserve and protect the wild horses of the Currituck Outer Banks. You can contact us at: info@corollawildhorses.com or by phone at (252) 453-8002.

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If you need immediate assistance, please e-mail us at info@corollawildhorses.com.